Why I Love the Star Wars Prequels

Like many children since 1976, I grew up watching Star Wars. My brother was the real #1 fan (watching A New Hope on repeat all day), but the saga was a major part of my childhood as well. The movies, the toys, the action figures, all of it. I was ten when Revenge of the … Continue reading Why I Love the Star Wars Prequels


Top 10 Halloween Movies/TV Specials

Halloween is nearly upon us! And to celebrate we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for Halloween movies and TV specials. Now, when people think Halloween Specials, what usually comes to mind are movies like Hocus Pocus, Dracula, Frankenstein, dozens of scary movies, and for most 90’s kids, Halloweentown. We’ve come up with picks … Continue reading Top 10 Halloween Movies/TV Specials