If you don’t already know what’s up, I am on a quest to find the best latte. If you want to read about the previous places, you can check out:

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Fine Grind’s Coffee

Cost: around $4; I can’t remember to be honest, but it was under $5.

A few weeks ago, I was in downtown Toronto with my parents to check out the “Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition”. It was a great way to experience some amazing art and get some “fresh” air (I wouldn’t consider Toronto air all that fresh). While we were there, my dad and I got some drinks from Fine Grinds Coffee (Link to their site here). It’s a truck that travels from event to event; my dad recognized that he was from Durham Region (it’s area east of Toronto, about 30 minutes drive from the Six) and often participates in the farmers’ markets out there.

latte cup with toronto city hall in background

I ordered a regular latte, since they didn’t do flavour shots and my dad got an espresso. As a result, this latte will be different from the control latte, which is a caramel latte. I feel like I need to note that to maintain the science of it all.

We chatted as he made our drinks and I told him I’m trying to find the best latte on the market. He was interested in the blog and said that he was “trained by a French guy” as his background in coffee making.  

I must admit, this drink was made with the most care out of the places I’ve visited.  This care totally played a significant role as to why this latte was great! It came with a really cute design on the top; it was creamy and foamy with a good balance of espresso to milk.  Which is a thing I’ve found that the other shops I’ve visited so far have struggled with.  

Latte from Fine Grinds Coffee

My latte

I also had a sip of my dad’s espresso and it was really good. He was pretty funny about it, as we were walking around he kept talking about how good of an espresso it was. A few hours after he finished it, he even mentioned again that he really enjoyed it. He actually had another one at the farmers’ market the following week and told me that it’s was still really good. This is a testament to how much better the base ingredients are compared the larger scale coffee shops.

Fine Grinds Espresso

My dad’s espresso


Overall, it was a great latte and it’s the best one that I’ve had so far. I promise I’m not writing this because there’s a chance that the owner of Fine Grind’s may read this; it’s actually a fantastic latte. If it wasn’t, I would be writing an article telling you exactly that, and maybe not tagging the company on FB when this is posted.  

My final thoughts, the prices are super reasonably (not like some mermaid logos coffee companies I know), and the latte was really good.  All in all, I had a great experience and will return when I get the chance. Olivia wasn’t here for this tasting, so we don’t get her thoughts on it.  I can only assume that she would hate it because the coffee flavour is pronounce and she thinks that’s gross. But I do miss her facial reactions which is always entertaining.


The quest continues on! I’m excited about the latte prospects as we start venturing away from the mega coffee shop corporations. Till next time!  Where we were will be visiting a mega coffee shop corporations… 



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