13 Times Sailor Moon Was On Point

I grew up watching Sailor Moon. She was my favourite superhero. She was beautiful; she was strong; she was a loyal friend; she was an advocate for Love and Justice. Somewhere along the line, I forgot just how awesome this show was. In first year of university, I re-watched the entire series online and discovered a new-found appreciation for its insight on life. Here thirteen times I deeply related to Sailor Moon.

13. Usagi’s shameless eating habits

Sailor Moon Eating rice Ball

12. The girls’ dislike of school, but still enforcing its importance

Sailor Moon "please stop talking about math when I'm eating"

11. Our mutual love for snack foods is uncanny

"Snack foods are 80% off? I'm definitely going there"

10. The struggle is real

"It may be cheap, but my wallet still can't take it" -Sailor Moon

9. That time when Usagi described me perfectly

"I'm just a little clumsy and a bit of a crybaby" -Sailor Moon

8. Every. single. week.

"ugh... it's monday again" - Sailor Moon

7. Amen

"You can't judge how beautiful a girl really is by the way she looks" Sailor Moon about beauty

6. Preach

"Men who judge women only by their appearances are scumbags"

5. Girl power

"Down with sexual discrimination" - Sailor Moon

4. The littlest ones are so wise

Sailor moon on not needing a man

3. Real life problems

"oh, I wish I could be a cat" sailor moon

2. Unfortunate, but very true

"I''m tired from crying so much"

1. Life’s a bitch

"you cannot escape from reality" Sailor Moon

Bonus: Admit it, we all did it

Sailor Moon freaking about Tuxedo mask



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