If you don’t already know what’s up, I am on a quest to find the best latte. If you want to read about the previous places, you can check out part one and two here:

Part 1 (Homemade Latte)

Part 2 (Starbucks)

Part 3 (Tim Hortons)  (Important for today’s post)



In the last Quest for the Best Latte post, we were at Tim Hortons trying their new lattes. In that post, I mentioned how I was fairly confident that the person making my drink used regular coffee instead of espresso. So I decided to return and try again.  To show scientific integrity! If I collect more data, I’ll have a better idea of how the average Tim’s latte will taste. This time I was at a different location, only out of convenience and not for any scientific reason. I also decided to simply order a plain latte so that I could focus on the taste of the drink as much a possible.  

This time they definitely used espresso. I kept an eye on it while they made my drink it seemed like a different machine and not just grabbing the pot of light roast coffee.

Top View Tim Hortons coffee latte written on lid.

It’s a good sign!

The coffee flavor was much stronger than my previous visit. It tasted like a latte and not foamy milky coffee which was what it kinda tasted like before.

A lot of my original thoughts still stand now that I’ve had a proper latte. It’s okay but not amazing. I will probably not order it again when I am at Tim Hortons. I can get my double double for cheaper and in a wider size range (since the latte is only offered in medium) without much heartbreak.

tim Hortons lattecup

The lattes are a lot foamier than the regular coffees and may be one for the frostiest to date which is nice.  

That was pretty much all I wanted to write for this.  The Quest continues!



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