If you don’t already know what’s up, I am on a quest to find the best latte. If you want to read about the previous places, you can check out part one and two here:

Part 1

Part 2

Next place on the list:

Tim Hortons!

Cost: 2.99 CAD plus tax

Tim Hortons Latte

Tim’s has recently changed the way they do their lattes. Instead of a powder, they started using real milk and making it from scratch. It uses steamed milk and the Tim Hortons’ espresso.  It takes a few more minutes than their old latte recipe, but Tim Hortons’ couldn’t remain competitive in the premium coffee game without stepping up. 

Olivia and I decided to take a trip to Tim’s to get dessert one evening. This was the perfect time for me to try the new latte. I asked for a caramel shot to make it a caramel latte.  This makes it consistent with the other drinks that have been tested thus far. Then we drove down to the waterfront to walk around and see nature.

We found a place to sit and I took a couple of sips of the latte.

Art Shot of Tim Horton's Latte

Taste Test Time:

The temperature was good. I’m always a little cautious during my first sip of a hot beverage because I fear it will burn my tongue off.

After a few sips, I began to wonder if the latte was mixed properly because I was only tasting the caramel shot that they added in. I explained to Olivia how I only tasted caramel and none of the espresso. She asked if she can have a taste. Since she doesn’t like coffee, this drink started to sound like it could be right up her alley.

Her review in a quote: “It wasn’t awful… But I could still taste the coffee.”


"It wasn't awful... But I could still taste the coffee" Quote banner

So maybe I am really bad at tasting, which if I am being completely honest, is a strong possibility. I was really focusing on the flavours and searching for the espresso and it tasted just like regular Tim Hortons coffee.

I haven’t had Tim’s espresso before so I don’t know if it tastes just like their regular blend or not, but this one did. I was watching the employee make my drink as best as I could and I’m 75% sure that she did just use the regular coffee instead of espresso like they’re suppose to. But she was making a couple drinks at the same time, so it’s hard to tell for sure.

Overall, it isn’t bad. It isn’t the best drink in the world, but good for the cost, which may as well be Tim Hortons’ motto. I think I would order just the straight latte in the future and see how the drink holds up without the caramel. If I do end up doing as much, I will let you know.  

"It isn't the best drink in the world, but good for the cost" Quote Banner


And so the quest continues! Have you had Tim Hortons’ latte, what do you think of it? 



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